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Procedures for joining workgroup PCs to remote Server Essentials domain

First step with new computer setup: Create Local user on workstation – skip the OOBE, do not use Hotmail account to create user, instead select limited or no internet and then create local user account – say pcadmin.  Set password and continue on till you get to the desktop.

Connecting PC to the Essentials Server:

  1. Go to to download the connector tool to the workstation PC1
  2. Run connector software – what this does is install the certificate and the VPN connection to site which connects to the foo.local domain.
  3. The connector then joins the domain or at least once you’re connected, you can open: sysdm.cpl and join the domain manually.
  4. After joining the domain manually, DO NOT REBOOT.  The reason is because you want to cache the new user1 credentials onto the workstation before rebooting and “losing” the remote connection.  So you do two things 1) add user1 to local administrators group and 2) logon with user1 to workstation before you reboot – yes it will work.
    1. Open elevated cmd prompt.
    2. Type:  net localgroup administrators foo\user1 /add   – this adds user1 to Administrators group on PC1
    3. Type: runas /user:foo\user1 cmd.exe  <enter key>  – then type in password for user1
    4. This opens CMD prompt under user1 credentials which thereby creates user1 profile.
  5. Now you’re still connected to the VPN network so you can switch user and logon to PC1 with user1 creds
  6. Click start, then go to admin account and choose switch user.
  7. At logon prompt type foo\user1 with password – this will finish with user profile creation and cache password.  Also, best once at desktop to lock workstation and unlock again with password.
  8. Then reboot computer
  9. Try logging on with user1 to foo domain.
  10. If it fails, then go back to local Admin account on PC1 and reconnect the remotewebaccess VPN
  11. Then switch user again and proceed to setup rest of items – like outlook, files etc.