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Adobe 8.1 has stopped working on Windows 7 & Outlook 2010

Had a client with a problem saving Adobe PDF files from within Outlook. Every time she tried to save a pdf the program would hang and close with the following error:
Adobe Acrobat 8.1 has stopped working.

I searched high and low on the internet via BING but couldn’t find anything that would finally work.
I disabled the antivirus, uninstalled all the extras with the full version – like outlook, IE and Access integration – all to no avail.

Then I remembered.. hmmm. maybe it needs to be set up for Compatibility with XP.
So I worked my way down into Program Files, went to properties of Acrobat.exe and clicked on the Compatibility tab. Set the compatibility to XP SP3…and also set it to run always as the administrator… The short end of the story is that the last option – Run as Administrator is the only setting that was necessary to get it to work properly :).

Whew… Sure wish someone at Adobe would get their troubleshooting docs updated to help customers out with this issue.

This solution solved it for my client. She can now open Adobe documents and save them without the program crashing.