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How to remove about.blank from Internet Explorer

Been trying to figure out how to fix the start page in Internet Explorer. Unfortunately when you search for this on the web, all you get is a bunch of junk information with no real solution – mostly you get links to other scanners and spyware tools that really gets you nowhere.

Steps to fix:
1. Run a full scan with your antivirus software – make sure it’s a full system scan and all is clean.

2. If the AV finds nothing wrong with your computer, try running the CWShredder software from TrendMicro.

3. If results turn up nothing then you’re most likely not infected by any virus but you’ll find you still cannot change the start page.

4. Make sure the Search providers (under manage add-ons) show up nothing out of the ordinary – if it doesn’t show Bing and/or Google but something else – remove those and add the search provider of your choice back in.

5. Next go to the registry editor and find the “Start Page” value under the registry location: HKCU\software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main and/or under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
Try to edit the Start Page option – if you receive an error after typing it in then you’ll need to follow the next step:

6. Reboot computer into Safe Mode (during reboot process – Hit the F8 key several times till you get Safe Mode startup Menu. Choose Safe Mode Command prompt.

7. Logon with user account.

8. Open regedit.exe and peruse to the two locations from above.
Make changes to the Start Page in both locations – say

9. Reboot back into normal mode. Your Start Page should now open to

If you find any other solutions of value, please post them here.


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Windows 7 Bad Image Error



Client sent me email with errors on her Windows 7 machine with the attached photo.

The error came up with Bad-Image

C:\windows\system32\LMIRfsClientNP.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.  Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.

Okay so what is this dll for might you ask?  Well after searching a bit, it belongs to Logmein too – a tool I install on all my clients in order to assist when necessary. 

Resolution – just re-install the Logmein tool and all will be well :). 


QuickBooks fails to send invoices on 64bit Windows 7.

Had an issue after installing Quickbooks 2010 onto my win7 64bit machine.
I was trying to send an invoice but the application would continue to hang causing me to close it and try again.

I found a few links that started to help but since my QB version had all the latest updates, it should have already been fixed… but no go.

After much pain & frustration, I ran across this link on Intuit’s site that proviced a PDF fix tool that ended up resolving the issue for me.
here’s the link to it:

It ends up installing a new PDF printer for Quickbooks and thereafter fixes the problem. Let’s hope it continues to work.

Here’s the link for the PDFFIX tool:

here’s a link for how to install/update the PDF printer port.

Here’s a link on how to reinstall the PDF printer from Intuit’s site:

Heres another link for troubleshooting this – did not fix me in my case:

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