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Unifi Cloud Key WEB UI Password doesn’t work: “Invalid username and/or password”

Attempts to logon to the Unifi Cloud-Key website for example: fails no matter if the username/password you enter is correct. Error message you get is: “Invalid Username and/or password”.

Well that stinks. hmmm how to fix. Let’s try to connect using SSH (I like to use putty.exe)

Putty to – using username and password combination that failed above worked just fine, I’m in, i can see all the commands etc. Okay that works but then the UI should work – Nope!

After hours… I mean hours of searching different communities and solutions, this was the solution to fix it. It did happen to come from a Unifi Tech – 5 years ago – which means they still haven’t fixed it in their cloud key products :(.

FROM UNIFI techs:   The issue appears to be arising from incorrect SUID account privileges on the UCK system.

This can be confirmed by sshing into the CloudKey and running the following command:

ls -l /usr/bin/sudo

This should return output similar or identical to the following if the same root cause:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 106820 Jan 10 2016 /usr/bin/sudo

To resolve this and ensure that any suid issues are not causing the issue, run the following command (Recommend copy & paste):

   chmod u+s /usr/bin/sudo

Re-test logging in to the WebUI and confirm the issue is resolved. YEP that worked!

I’m posting this again so people searching for this can find it faster than searching through 13 pages of the above solution from this link: https://community.ui.com/questions/Cannot-log-in-to-Cloud-Key-WebUI/e31a1fc1-7e19-40a7-a266-4d36c35825e4

or better: https://community.ui.com/questions/Cannot-log-in-to-Cloud-Key-WebUI/e31a1fc1-7e19-40a7-a266-4d36c35825e4?page=13

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